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United Vets Group is a membership organisation for veterinary practice owners who want to join a community, that together are achieving better results. 

The size of our membership base allows us to negotiate preferential agreements with key industry wholesalers and suppliers, helping you reduce your cost of goods and practice management expenses. As part of our community you will also be able to access our proven Complete Vet System, marketing and business building tools, veterinary community events and networking opportunities. Members can expect to increase their practice profits and reduce their stress, giving them more time and resources to invest in both practice improvements and more of their own work life balance and satisfaction.

When you become a member of United Vets Group, you gain immediate access to a range of proven benefits to improve your bottom line, strengthen your client base, create a more efficiently run practice with fewer demands on your time and energy. As a member you are eligble for:

  • Preferential wholesaler discounts and extensive manufacturer rebates
  • Exclusive supplier offers 
  • You and your team are invited to the annual Veterinary Business Bootcamp
  • Preferential access to an industry leading practical training academy
  • Virtual training workshops and events
  • Step-by-step business building resources
  • Access a comprehensive Pet Wellness Plan
  • Access to the Complete Vet System with a business coach

For more information click here.

To become a UVG member call 1300 897 797 or email [email protected]

Work with the Complete Vet System to transform your business into your ideal practice with the support of a dedicated industry expert, following a proven system at an affordable price. 

What is the Complete Vet Sytem?

The Complete Vet System (CVS) uses a powerful 4 Step Process and advanced technology, business processes and training to create the most cost-effective vet practice management and performance improvement system available. 

The Complete Vet System with the support of a dedicated business coach will;

* Accurately pinpoint what needs to be fixed in your practice and then systematically upskill and train your team to make the changes for you.

* Utilise cutting edge technology that allows regular, structured and growth-focussed:

  • Management meetings
  • Staff Performance reviews
  • Team meetings
  • Training workshops (Client Service, Marketing, Standards of Care, HR, plus much more)
  • Practice performance reviews
  • Monthly performance and financial analysis
  • Supplier training
  • Use a scientific personality tool to recruit the right team. Optimising team performance and happiness by understanding the drivers for every team member.

For more information about how to get started with The Complete Vet System, click here or call 1300 897 797 or email [email protected] 

Wellness Plans

We’ve been ‘in your shoes’ so we know exactly what it takes to run and manage a successful pet healthcare plan. Our pet healthcare plan has been designed to be easy to set-up and implement, good value and effective in helping you to improve pet wellness and practice preventative healthcare in the simplest way possible.  

A Pet Wellness plan will:  

  • Increase client visits and annual expenditure at your clinic
  • Bond clients to your clinic and build trust between the veterinary team and pet owner
  • Give your clinic a point of difference
  • Help your clients afford the best care for their pets through a simple annual healthcare plan
  • Shift veterinary care from reactive to proactive

Our Wellness plans

  • are developed by vets for vets with an end-to-end solution
  • work with your PMS to set up your Pet Healthcare Plan within your Practice Management System
  • client-focused marketing
  • offer training and ongoing support
  • simplified administration

To find out more about the Pet Wellness Plan and its benefits for your clinic, click here.

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