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NVC has flexible partnership options designed to suit the varying needs of practice owners contemplating succession anytime during the next 12 months to 5 years. Our offers represent fair value for your business and are always 100% cash.  Once the offer price has been agreed, the NVC Acquisitions Team designs an integration process that suits you and your team.  Selling your practice is now a simple process without lengthy engagement terms and the risks associated with a rebrand. There are a number options available. You may consider selling your clinic, creating a joint venture, or simply utilising NVC’s Management Services.

The key benefits for you and your business include:

  • Enjoy the true fulfilment of a work/life balance.
  • Succession planning support for those contemplating retirement.
  • No rebranding and you still retain management autonomy within your practice.
  • Access to continuing education via our Centre of Excellence Training Academy.
  • Access to state of the art back-end systems to simplify your life and ensure you can focus on what you love.
  • Exceptional vendor salary rates.
  • Realise the equity tied up in your practice immediately.
  • A strong Support Office who do just that - support you.

The Next Steps

1. Let's Meet

Our first meeting will typically be held at your clinic where we will ask you to supply key paperwork that will allow us to review your business and make you an attractive offer. The type of documents we usually need are:

  • Management accounts - 2yrs & YTD
  • Payroll summary reports - 2yrs & YTD
  • Production reports - 2yrs & YTD
2. Talking Numbers

Once we have all the documents we need and have spoken with you in person, we'll provide a valuation of your business and suggest a price. Once pricing is agreed, we move onto finalising other important documents, like agreement on key terms and provision of legal documents. We will also undertake some due diligence checks.

3. Fine Tuning & Settlement

We make sure there is adequate time in the process for pre-settlement planning, so that the transition to National Vet Care is smooth for you, your staff, and your clients. Expect an onsite visit or two, and a consultative approach. From the time of our first meeting through to settlement, the process can be as quick as six to eight weeks.

4. After Settlement

From the front end, not much changes. Most of the change is behind the scenes. Going forward, we'll take care of the back office while you focus on your patients. Together we will grow your business and help you to meet your goals.

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