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National Veterinary Care (NVC) is partnering with established veterinary clinics that want to benefit from the support and advantages that come with belonging to a wider community of veterinary and business professionals. When you partner with NVC you will become part of our community and you too can enjoy the benefits of the NVC difference.

Keep Your Brand

Rather than NVC rebranding your clinic with a national brand, your clinic will retain their own established brand and local identity. 


NVC is focused on developing its people, and has established an industry first national training centre, the NVC  Centre of Excellence. This facility is equipped with state of the art technology, and we are currently offering Dental,  Behaviour, Pathology, Imaging and Nursing workshops. 

Goods and Equipment

Economies of scale and supplier relationships have allowed NVC to source goods and equipment at more competitive rates than what you would typically be able to achieve individually.

Wellness Program 

Best for Pet is the wellness program offered by NVC. It was designed by vets and pet lovers to provide simple, affordable and optimal health care for pets. In return for an annual membership fee, your clients will have access to a full preventative wellness program.

Administration Support

NVC's Support Office is responsible for providing centralised administrative support to clinics including; finance, payroll, human resources and recruitment, information technology and marketing.

Management Services

NVC offers a Management Services option should you prefer to retain your independence but are looking for business support. Through this option you can access procurement support, business coaching via a sophisticated IT platform and discounted access to our Centre of Excellence. 

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